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The Company

Like many small businesses, SpiderGourmet began as an idea. We thought that this industry was suffering for a lack of intelligent and creative producers while at the same time being weighed down by a portion of haphazardly organized SEO companies that put far more emphasis on selling contracts than satisfying the needs of their clientele. We firmly believe that web service providers like ourselves must first listen. Once we have listened and understood, then we can have a productive conversation with you about enhancing the presence of your business on the Internet.

SpiderGourmet is a web service provider focused on search engine optimization. Because of the vast marketplace of E-Businesses available with simple keyword searches, we consider our services as being primarily about clarifying your business' place in this global marketplace. Isn't it great that we start by listening? We want to hear your goals! We turn our initial consultations into a strategy for defining and spotlighting your business' niche benefits and competitive edge in your industry.

SpiderGourmet maintains its focus on the technical ability to perform the work we strategize on our client's behalf. We can make suggestions all day long but without expert implementation this is all chaff in the wind. We look forward to speaking with you about creating an affordable and successful SEO strategy for your business!

The Talent

We are 3 web service professionals with the following credentials:
  •  9 Years of experience creating and implementing SEO strategies.
  •  15 years web design & development experience.
  •  15 years experience with web programming languages like ASP, PHP, XML, JavaScript, ASP.net, ColdFusion, ActionScript and much more.
  •  15 years of graphic design including logos, website graphics, custom animations and more.
  •  3 Search Engine Experts working together to improve the visibility of your business.

The Partners

Cornel Boudria::The Brain

The brain-child of the phrase SpiderGourmet (and aptly named "The Brain" of developmental operations), Cornel has been a proven Web Development professional since his graduation from the University of Connecticut's School of Business, where he excelled in its Management of Information Systems program.

His dedication to overcoming challenges, excellence of execution, and high performance under time constraints is a testament to his overall philosophy of "The Project". It is this same dedication, technical know-how, and ability to climb the learning curve at a moments notice that puts Cornel in league with the finest development professionals in the web development field, and makes SpiderGourmet a leading SEO provider for his Partneship status in it. With Cornel at the helm of development, rest assured of high quality results.

Whether it be Databases, Application development, or Page Layout and Graphic Design, Cornel brings everything to the table. When contracting with SpiderGourmet, know that "The Brain" is always thinking - always working.

Ryan Turner::The Suit

Ryan Turner has been providing Search engine marketing and other web solutions to business clients as a consultant and implementation manager since 2003. After earning his B.S. in Management Information Systems from the University of Connecticut in 2002, Ryan has built on his experience and expertise through superior service, intelligent consulting and real results.

Ryan's own background and savvy for working closely with web development professionals of all stripes makes him a solid addition to any company's contracted vendor resources. With his focus on ensuring the satisfaction of all clients, Ryan has the experience and knowledge to strategize and implement search marketing solutions for web-enabled businesses.

Ryan's greatest skill lies in words and expression, an eager expert in finding just the right way to represent the products and services of your business in a way to capture the attention of potential customers and the search engines that can deliver them to your (e)door. When you meet a potential customer for the first time, isn't it worthwhile to use your Suit?

The Place

One of our favorite aspects to providing web services is that we can work with just about anybody, anywhere! But our office is in Hamden, CT, New Haven County, so if you want to meet us face to face, we hope you live in the Northeast.

Our Purpose

We believe that we have really just begun to explore the depth of what we can do! As we grow, we expect to add breadth to our services but never at the detriment of the services we already offer for your business.

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