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Had a Bad Service Experience? Don't Blame the True SEO's!

This article is a (more or less) direct response to badmouthing Good SEO companies like ours take for the unethical actions of a portion of our competitors. For a bit of background, I started in this industry by running the production and managing sales for a business owner that turned out to be totally uninterested in developing a great reputation for high quality SEO services. He wanted to sell lots of contracts, and I helped him do it becuase I know and understand this service like a true SEO should! This was one of the primary reasons my partners and I left that factory of disappointment to start our own service company and 3 years later, we still appreciate what those who have been fooled have had to endure.

Some anti-SEO themed articles blame shady business operators for giving up their online dignity to make a more money.

For the 6 years I have been providing search optimization services to clients, I can safely say that while these business owners were all motivated to invest in their websites by the opportunity to avail their businesses of the traffic that Google brought together into a single market, not one of them was of the mindset that they would gladly smear their own reputation for a few more sales.

It strikes me as very similar to consultant bashing when I read these anti-SEO themes. We provide an experienced and valuable service for other business owners whose lives and livelihoods are buoyed by the growing market of search traffic and the potential customers that grow it.

We are working with real businesses to attract an interested audience to their place of E-Business and if it was easy or all a big scam, could the SEO industry survive? If you find a service-oriented company that wants to provide a great service, then you've found a partner whether they print your menus or master your website.

I question how those SEO-Haters out there can justify their slandering of an entire industry of web service providers? Think of mechanics. Do you blame the uninformed repair customer for choosing a chop shop?

Remember that good news travels fast and bad news travels faster.

The companies on the first page of Google in natural results aren't the ones complaining about it are they? I feel sympathy for every business that has been Sold rather than Taught, and I offer a bit of my time to show you the difference!

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