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Don't be fooled by SEO Made Tricks!

Our company prides itself on our service. By following search engine guidelines, your site can earn its place for competitive, general keyword phrases. It takes hard work and dedication to accomplish our clients' goals and no amount of SEO made tricks will earn your company the placements that will grow your business.

Aspects to Consider when Selecting an SEO Service Provider

We recommend that you ensure that any SEO company you consider hiring have all of the following:


When considering an SEO company, make sure that they have current experience in the industry. Many of the actions taken to build top ranks in search engines are public knowledge so almost anybody can start an SEO company. What made the difference for SpiderGourmet is that we had years of success with seo campaigns to build our reputation on.

If the company hasn't been successful then they are not applying the most important aspects of search engine optimization correctly.

Web Development Talent

If your SEO company has 3 times as many sales people than developers, your campaign is not likely to be successful. Don't let SEO made tricks fool you!

Your website need not suffer aesthetically to achieve your goals. However, if your SEO company has no experience with web design and doesn't employ professional web developers, they are likely to overlook key elements to your site architecture and may be unable to work with your existing website to perform their service.

An Eye for Long Term Achievements

Your SEO strategy should be incorporate short term goals of earning less competitive terms from the outset with an eye towards building your site to compete effectively for placement on very competitive, general keyword phrases. The reason to choose at least some more specific phrases is that you will be able to see your website become visible for these less competitive search terms in the first 2 months of your contract.

It is important for both the SEO company and the client that some measure of success is achieved in the first few months so that you are comfortable with the SEO companies abilities and the SEO company knows that additional visibility builds not only traffic but more importantly increase business generated from your website.

Almost every business will have niche phrases that should be earned simply for the sake of your companies or brand's visibility. The reason that long term goals are important is that niche phrases produce limited traffic. Those very competitive general phrases are what each company really needs becuase only the general terms have the potential to drive large quantities of keyword qualified traffic to your company's website.

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