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SEO Case Study for Connecticut Based Company

Company Name: EARMARK (www.earmark.com)
Service Summary: Search Engine Optimization, One Time Payment
Services Performed: Keyword research & selection, Content Page Creation, Limited Link Building

Initial Monthly Traffic: 1640 (Nov-05)
6 Months Later: 1966 (May-06) 20% Increase
12 Months Later: 2145 (Nov-06) 30% over initial
18 Months Later: 2237 (May-07) 36% over initial

Case Summary

Interested in what SEO had to offer them, Earmark invested in a one time SEO service for their website. Their newest product application for which they desired greater presence online related to fire truck radios.

To keep their investment low, Earmark chose to provide the copy for new, optimized pages themselves. We selected a group of keywords for which traffic could be earned and created a template from Earmark's existing pages with which we would expand their website by adding 8 keyword-optimized pages of content. The content was created to provide information related to the selected keywords and with it, we integrated 8 new pages designed and developed to earn rankings for the valuable keyword phrases that would deliver an increase in traffic due to an increase in search engine visibility.

Fast, Valuable SEO Results

  #1 Rankings First-Page Rankings
November 18 33
December 41 66

With Earmark's initial foray into search engine marketing, the first 30 days of work had certainly achieved the initial goal of increasing Earmark.com's visibility in search engines. With a 227% increase in first place rankings and a 100% increase in first page rankings, it is clear that SpiderGourmet's additions and revisions to Earmark.com increased search engine visibility dramatically.

The effects of increasing search engine visibility can also be measured in terms of average daily visitors to Earmark.com. Daily traffic to Earmark.com has increased by 157%!

In addition to improving the visibility of Earmark.com, SpiderGourmet was also available to provide support services including editing pages and revising the contact form to ensure that additional visibility translates into additional web generated sales leads.

Long Term Results for Short Term Investment

Monitoring Earmark's traffic for over a year we see that since optimizing Earmark for valuable keyword phrases, they receive 50% of their traffic from the Google search engine, 20% from Yahoo! and a little less than 10% from MSN. Additionally, 90% of their website visitors are unique, never having been to their website, a brand new potential customer that otherwise may not have been aware of their company and their products and wireless solutions!

Seven (7) of the top Ten (10) pages on which visitors enter Earmark.com enter the website via the pages added during our service! For a one time investment, Earmark achieved lasting search engine visibility for keywords important to their newest market.

Long term, Lasting SEO Results

  #1 Rankings First-Page Rankings
October 2007 27 56

Charts & Graphs

See the results of quality search engine optimization services for yourself!

Results in the first 4 weeks for CT SEO Service
Average weekday traffic over the first 4 weeks

Results over 12 months for CT SEO Service
Daily visitor traffic over one year

Unique visitors per month over 12 months for CT SEO Service
Unique visitors per month

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