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Is Search Engine Optimization the future of Advertising?

Listening to WNPR this morning I joined a conversation regarding the future of advertising. Listening to the guests talk about the challenge that advertisers face in an expanding and diluting array of media choices. Unfortunately, the guest whose interests were most congruent with my own soundly shot down the service of search engine optimization as unproven. Our client, FloorMall, would disagree as their website presence has incurred millions of dollars of additional revenue that is now financing their expansion into radio and TV advertising!

Search engine optimization will always provide the following:

  • Gets your business website in front of interested potential consumers, never annoying, always relevant!

  • For big brands, SEO offers a relatively low cost option for providing supporting materials through the Internet medium!

  • If consumers are running from commercials, SEO gets them when they are interested and searching!

Television Advertising

TV advertisers are struggling to deal with the impact of Tivo and DVR customers who can easily skip through their commercials as they enjoy consuming the television content that brought them to their tv set. As an SEO service provider, one of the finest aspects of investing in website enhancements to earn search engine query traffic is that when consumers run away from TV commercials they run towards search engines, eagerly entering keywords to research, discover and purchase products and services on their own terms.

For example, we are currently promoting MDM Shelters particularly for the keyword 'portable garages'. For them to advertise on national television they would spend tens of thousands of dollars at a minimum that may or may not reach the audience they seek. Through SEO services, Spider Gourmet ensures that their website is as highly placed as possible for this keyword so that when a potential customer comes looking for what MDM sells, they can participate in our client's website and develop their interest with the extensive content that optimized websites provide.

In addition to this popular keyword, one of the most important aspects of our service is that for your investment you can target a hundred keywords that each carry the advantage that whenever a customer searches for these phrases, the very products and services you provide are exactly or more appropriate than what the searcher is searching for!

Interacting with your customers

Another important aspect of online visibility is that once a potential customer is on your website, they have the ability to interact with your company, products and service offerings in a way that direct mail, radio and tv can never match! At the very least with a static HTML based website, the visitor can interact with your company in terms of what pages they choose to view. The more advanced your website is, the greater the opportunity that online visitor traffic offers your business in terms of lead generation, customer acquisition and repeat customer fulfillment.

More to come!

I'll continue this article once I have taken care of more of our client obligations because at Spider Gourmet, the client comes first!

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