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Client Reporting & Campaign Progress Tracking

Client Reporting

It is of the utmost importance when working with a contractor like SpiderGourmet that there be an agreed upon method of reporting our progress and current situation to each of our clients.

When we initiate an SEO campaign on behalf of your organization, we will take stock of where your website ranks for important and ancillary keyword phrases, how much traffic your website is receiving and how your website is functioning BEFORE we begin applying our methods to the enhancement of your website.

Having a baseline of how much traffic your website(s) is receiving and where you currently rank in the search engines, we will proceed to follow our strategy for your campaign. Each month, or more often if there is a noteworthy event concerning your website or our SEO progress, you will receive an updated search engine ranking report detailing where your website ranks for each keyword phrase for which we are working to improve your visibility.

Traffic should be able to be reviewed as necessary. For traffic statistics, we generally rely upon a service from a reputable traffic monitoring company. If your website already has a useful and readily accessible traffic statistics system, then we are glad to save you the extra $10-$20 per month incurred by subscribing to an additional tracking service. It is important that we and our clients are able to see these numbers when necessary so that stakeholders can keep tabs on our progress and improvement.

If your company desires more frequent reporting or a greater depth of analysis on a regular basis, additional or customized client reporting will be made available according to the client's needs. Please ask about additional analysis and reporting before initiating a campaign with us in the event that additional baseline measurements need to be taken to provide a basis for measurement, analysis and reporting on increased or decreased values for specific statistics.

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