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Content Analysis & Editing

You may have heard the phrase "Content is King". While we do not speculate as to the royalty of well written, informative content, there is no question that the addition and revision of content on your website is critical to increasing your search engine rankings. Consider the following; If your website does not freely provide information regarding the keyword phrases we identify as having the greatest chance of increasing your business online, why would a search engine consider your site as one of the most relevant results of which it is aware? If your goal is to be one of the top 10 results for a general phrase that is mentioned on 100,000 web pages in a search engine’s index, the information provided by your website needs to be better than 999,990 other web pages. It’d be irresponsible not to consider the content your website provides if such is our goal.

The world wide web is all about information. Search engines are all about FREE information. The more your website discusses, analyzes and disseminates information semantically connected with the keyword phrases you desire to be found for, the better your web pages will rank for searches using those phrases.

Once a set of keyword phrases have been identified to be our goal set, we will develop a content strategy for your website. If there is relevant content present, then perhaps all that will be required is to edit the content so that it more specifically discusses our goal set of keyword phrases. If your website does not provide an adequate level of content discussing the keyword phrases in our goals set, then we will provide your company with instructions on what your people should generate content about.

If there is no one in your organization with the time or inclination to write at length about specific keyword phrases, then we will work with you to get the content we need to achieve your goals either by hiring freelance writers or by interviewing your people so that our optimizers can write accurate content that you will be proud to include in your website. We have found that while we are highly aware of many business aspects in diverse industries, your company is best to generate unique content since you will have a unique approach to the business you do that separates you from your competition.

New content additions should not be written just to increase your rankings. New content, once published on your website and included in search engine indexes will be what attracts visitors to your website. Once there, the quality of your information and how you position your company will be the determining factor in whether this visitor decides to contact your company or make a purchase from your website. This conversion of a visitor to a paying customer, not increased search engine visibility, is the most important end that will justify your investment in our services.

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