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Keyword Research & Analysis

The first step to earning increased traffic from search engines is to identify what keyword phrases your website needs to be optimized for to receive qualified traffic. In Search Engine Marketing (SEM), qualified traffic means a visitor that is searching for what you are offering. Therefore, keyword research is the process of identifying how best to describe your business offerings in concise keyword phrases. For example, if your company sells parachutes, it stands to reason that ‘parachute’ is a term that will be a sound business investment for which it is worth optimizing your website.

In the interests not only of getting your website on the first page for the term parachute but further segmenting your businesses competitive niches from the general audience searching for ‘parachutes’, we will want to identify phrases that a potential customer might search for where it would be beneficial to appear in their search engine results. Continuing with this example, if there are specific icons, like American flags, that your company can print onto a parachute, it is also worthwhile to optimize your website for ‘American flag parachute’ or perhaps more generally ‘flag parachute’.

Once we have interviewed our contact at your company to determine what general terms best describe your products or services, SpiderGourmet takes the following critical step. Your company might make the best darn American flag parachute available online. If there are zero searches for this phrase each month, guess how much traffic being on the first page for this phrase will earn your website? The answer; very little to none. Therefore the critical step that must be taken is to determine, based on the terms that best describe your business, which keyword phrases that offer significant potential traffic can be found for which to optimize your website.

Once an initial goal set of keyword phrases is identified and search engine optimization has begun, new traffic generated from improved natural search rankings must be analyzed according to how these new visitors are reacting once they reach your website. If many people are entering your website and leaving without even looking at a second page, then we must consider the possibility that the people using these search terms are not looking for what your company offers. SpiderGourmet will work with your company to analyze every aspect of interest and change our tactics and overall strategy as often as necessary to make your investment in our services result in new and steadily increasing business for your company.

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