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Six (6) Months is the shortest period, besides our Trial SEO Service, for which we are confident that we can demonstrate results for most website owners. Because search engines run on their own schedules, it is necessary to give you, our client, the necessary impression that work and results are often separated by a period of weeks and sometimes months.

Therefore, with our Short Term SEO Service, much of our work is completed within the first 12 weeks including the research and contacting of between 100-300 quality link partner websites, new content creation, and on-page optimization according to each webpage's content. The back-end period following the initial 6 weeks of intensive service on your website allows a sufficient period for the search engines to spider each link partners' website and record their links to us, and to let new content and pages created as natural search landing pages gain Google PageRank and general web maturity.

The service starts with keyword research and selection. We identify the most competitive keyword ranking goals that are achievable within a 6 months period and begin working on building links with those phrases. All supporting phrases as well as the general phrases are used to create a content addition strategy which we discuss with our contact at your company. While we are experts at creating content geared towards winning rankings, we rely on your company to edit and approve our creations with your industry experience before implementing them on your website. This is important since these content pages become "landing pages" when the get ranked on the first page and are the page on which a potential customer or visitor is first exposed to your company and website. Therefore, each page we add to your website is fully integrated into your website and is the first step on a path for a search engine visitor to discover and consider your products or services.

Not all link partners will respond on the first wave of contact emails, so we usually contact each partner up to 3 times before removing them from our list of potential link partners for your website. The final 3 months of your Short Term SEO service depends heavily on the initial results of the first half of our service. If we have been highly successful, your company and SpiderGourmet can select other directions in which to take your website and our optimization service for your company. If certain rankings have not achieved the visibility we are working towards, then our path remains the same and we may generate new content, additional link partners or evaluate other methods to achieve our original goals.

The goal of our service is to gain first page visibility for your website for between 1-3 competitive 2-word phrases, and up to 30 longer (3 to 4 word) phrases that are related to the general keyword phrases that we expect to be the most valuable search engine placements for your business.

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Note: Cost Structures Reflect Marketplace Averages and are always open to Negotiation.
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