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Link Building

Of the 3 major search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN, Google is by far the most guilty of analyzing link popularity when determining the order in which relevant web page results are listed. Earning a top 10, or first page ranking in Google for very specific phrases can be achieved without link building if your on-site and on-page optimization is strong and well organized.

Of course, very specific phrases are far less likely to drive regular and increasing traffic to your website. That said, the best argument for building relevant links to and from your website is not to achieve higher rankings in Google or the other engines, but because linking with other websites that offer related products and services makes your website a better resource for your audience. Think of the websites you return to time and again. Many are not your favorites because of what they offer but because of who they link with.

The bottom line is this; Google’s algorithm recognizes that pages that have other websites linking to it with a certain phrase in the anchor, or clickable link text, are more likely to be relevant to that certain phrase than a page that is optimized for that certain phrase but has no links pointing to it. Therefore, any reputable SEO company should involve link building in an SEO campaign both to ensure their success in earning higher rankings for your website and to increase your website’s link popularity.

The most common method and most likely the one used for your campaign, is known as reciprocal linking. SpiderGourmet will use various methods to identify and qualify potential reciprocal link partners. We will offer these other websites a link from your website to theirs containing their preferred anchor, or link, text in exchange for a link from their site to yours containing one or several of the phrases for which we are working to increase your website’s ranking. By exchanging links with sites offering related or complementary products or services, your site becomes a more useful resource in your industry. Furthermore, your website becomes more relevant for the phrases that we identify as having the best potential for increase traffic to your website and increasing your business online.

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