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Never worked with an SEO company before? Have you tried several and found their service lacking? SpiderGourmet has succeeded in the SEO industry where other companies have failed for over 4 years.

This has taught us that website owners are often wary of long term and even short term contracts without being given a chance to evaluate our methods and results. Accordingly, SpiderGourmet offers our services on a limited 3 month plan to allow website owners to get their website into a starting position for a longer term contract for SEO services.

Our responsibilities under a Trial SEO agreement can be modified according to your website's needs. In general, Trial SEO will involve keyword research and selection of a small group of keywords that we can determine will deliver traffic and potential business to your website. We will then evaluate your website architecture and recommend revisions to page structure, site structure and preferred visitor movement through your website.

If you like our recommendations, we will implement them as is appropriate for your website. The most common changes to websites involve well-formed webpage coding whether in HTML, PHP, ASP or another webpage coding standard, navigation improvements through common footers and the creation of a site index or sitemap, and, where appropriate, layout changes to make your website as easy to use as possible both for search engine spiders and your human visitors.

The last step that we set in place as a part of our Trial SEO Service is to lay the ground work for a improving your website's link popularity. The first step to a link exchange program is to build pages on which to house links to your website's link partner's websites. We create your link directory home page containing strict linking guidelines for potential link partners to adhere to and links to each link category page. We will select and create 5 categories which can hold up to 20 link partners on each, laying the foundation for up to 100 new inbound links. It is important to lay this foundation since we must wait for the search engines to spider and include the link category pages before we can expect potential link partners to want to link with your website. Therefore, we include this in our Trial SEO Service.

Because this work is completed within 6 weeks, the results may not be verifiable immediately but with your commitment to us and our obligations fulfilled, if the search engines take 1-3 months to spider and include your optimized site architecture in their indices, we will remain on call to explain and report on the results from the trial service before offering your company a results driven proposal for website optimization.

  • Limited Keyword Research & Selection
  • Website Evaluation
  • Site Architecture Revision Recommendations
  • Page Structure Revision Recommendations
  • Recommendation Implementation
  • Site Map Creation and Implementation
  • Link Exchange Directory Creation

Service Features

Note: Cost Structures Reflect Marketplace Averages and are always open to Negotiation.
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