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Search Engine Submission

Years ago when the founders of SpiderGourmet became SEO professionals, submitting a website to the search engines was a critical step to be included in the search engine’s index of potential results. The fact is that times have changed and the search engines that deliver the quantities of traffic that make them worth focusing on merely pay lip service to manual or automated submissions. If your website is not included in any search engines, we will certainly use the tools provided by the major search engines to suggest the inclusion of your website. If it is included in some but not all of the engines important to E-Business, then we will again take the quick steps to use the tools provided by the search engines to submit your website. We will not rely on these tools to get the job done.

Since all 3 major search engines utilize robots, or spiders, to discover and update their index of potential results, we choose the more reliable method of making it more likely that a spider will find your website. Since spiders can really only do 2 things, read text and follow links, we will engage in link exchange with relevant sites that are included in the major search engines as well as provide links to your website from ours resulting in spiders following links from pages they are already aware of to your website which, to date it was not aware existed. This is the most reliable method of getting your website included in the search engines that have the potential to deliver interested potential customer searching for your products and services straight to your website. From there, it is up to your website and the quality of your product or service offering to make the sale and acquire the customer.

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