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Pay-Per-Click Advertising Frequently Asked Questions
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PPC & Pay Per Click Advertising

Measured on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an avenue for advertising with online websites where the advertiser pays not to have their advertisement displayed, but only when a visitor to the site publishing the advertisement clicks on the advertisers displayed content, at which point the visitor is sent to the advertisers website and is counted by the site publishing the advertisement as a 'click'. This has become an explosively popular method for websites that receive regular traffic to monetize that traffic since advertisers seeking to be promoted to that website's audience can pay only for traffic they receive to the advertiser's website.

PPC advertising can be discussed at length but here are several reasons SpiderGourmet does not make it one of our primary recommendations. First, by relying on PPC expenses to earn new business, the advertiser will never receive an increasing source of traffic without increasing their advertising budget.

Second, the average cost-per-click (CPC) for pay-per-click ads is steadily rising so unless you are in an industry where you can pass that expense onto your customers, you face steadily decreasing profit margins as more and more companies start doing business online.

Third, since the advertiser must pay for each and every visitor they receive, they must convert a regular percentage of their visitors to defray the cost of acquiring their attention.

Fourth, search engines report that 70% of their users will click on a natural result rather than a sponsored or paid result. People using search engines want to know about a company before they can make an informed decision whether or not they will grant the company their business.

Companies paying for their traffic must focus on conversion and therefore may alienate visitors they paid to receive by resorting to "hard" sales tactics.

By investing instead in the improvement of your website, you will gain a better understanding of your business and competitive niches, invest in a bright future filled with free traffic from search engines, and your internet presence will be positively guided and enhanced through our recommendations and activities. More and more business are discovering how improving their website opens them up to potential business that would have otherwise gone to their competitors.

If you are interested in Yahoo! Search Marketing management, setup or consulting, contact us immediately!

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