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Pay-Per-Click Advertising Frequently Asked Questions
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SpiderGourmet Services

Sponsored Search Engine Advertising

Yahoo's sponsored search engine advertising platform, Yahoo! Search Marketing, allows you to bid on specific keywords and pay-per-click to gain traffic to your website. For customer well-ranked and still in need of leads, this is an option that we are beginning to service.

I recently rebuilt one of our clients Yahoo Ad Groups. Here's an overview of how you can gain a better understanding of how to take advantage of how sponsored search platforms are organized.

Login to your Yahoo Search marketing Platform:

Your goal is to take your single [AdGroup 001] and turn it into several ad groups allowing for more specific ads and overall better control over your spending, your placements and your ad's keyword relevancy.

Even if you spend the most, you may not get to the top.

First, select 5-6 groups for your keywords, assuming you have about 20 keywords you want to bid on.

Create a new campaign. I am using standard Match type and setting for my client's business hours, 10-7, Mon-sat. I will try experimenting with geographic and demographic settings with other campaigns.

Setting a new adgroup :: Matchtypes

Standard Match Type:
This option will display your ads for exact matches to your keywords, as well as for singular or plural variations and common misspellings.

Advanced Match Type:
This option will display your ads for a broader range of searches relevant to your keywords, titles, descriptions and/or web content. By default, all ads are set to the advanced match type.

I already have my keywords broken down into groups, so I set my adgroup name, and paste in my keywords on the right side

Write your Ad, Save your Ad

Finish adding new groups, the more groups, the greater control you can exert over your spending and your traffic.

Choose your budget

Generate and install analytics code Very Important!

I will be back to fill these in with more page links and updates. If you are interested in having us manage your Yahoo! Search Marketing or other sponsored search campaign, contact us today!

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