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Meta Tag Creation

Meta Tags are meant to identify key words and phrases that a specific web page is relevant to as well as provide a description for that pages content and purpose online. Adding properly coded meta tags will not, in itself, increase your search engine rankings. Instead, by properly identifying to search engine robots, or spiders, what a particular page concerns, you provide to search engines what a specific page is about.

In our efforts to make each important and supporting page of your website(s) a tasty morsel for search engine spiders, proper coding of Meta Tags is a necessary factor to our work. Other tags, such as the robots tag, may be exactly the same on nearly every page of your website. The robots tag, for example, directs search engine spiders to either index or not index a given web page, and whether or not to follow the links on that page to the pages it links to. It should be noted that just because we tell GoogleBot to do something doesn't mean it will. This is why, through optimization, we seek to make your website and the pages that make it up, seem irresistible to spiders.

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