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Sitemap Generation

A sitemap, or site index, is an important addition to nearly any website. The traditional purpose of a sitemap is to list the pages of your website according to a tree architecture allowing visitors to quickly find specific information. For large website sporting 100s of pages, sitemaps may be best organized into multiple maps with the Sitemap page providing an index of the core pages of the website and links to organized maps of deep pages otherwise only reached by navigating a page at a time into the juicy middle of your website.

For the purposes of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a sitemap represents several opportunities. First, instead of a spider having to navigate page after page to reach deep inner pages, a sitemap, necessarily accessible from the homepage, provides a short path to pages that would otherwise be less likely to be included in the search engine’s index due to the spider not probing deep enough into your website.

Google also has Beta program they have cleverly named Google Sitemaps. We are likely to implement a Google sitemap on our client’s websites both to increase the rate at which new content and revised pages are reviewed by Google’s spiders and to identify to Google what we consider the most important pages of your website. Since this program is only a Beta, it should not by itself be relied upon to get new pages included in Google’s index. Like properly formatted Meta Tags, it is simply a good idea.

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