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On-Page Website Optimization

All over SpiderGourmet.com you will find information regarding our services and how they are performed. Almost every other action we deliver for our clients is guided by our experience with on-page website optimization.

To start, picture one of the pages of your website. It is probably better not to consider your homepage for this exercise.

This page has several elements that are common to web pages everywhere. It has a <TITLE>, the purpose of this page summarized in a short statement. It has some sort of layout, it has content in the form of text and images, and it should have some sort of navigation so that visitors to this single page can reach other pages.

The goal of on-page optimization is to make use of the common aspects of a web page to effectively communication that page's purpose to search engines.

Subsequently, website optimization makes use of the common elements of each of the website's pages to effectively communicate both the purpose of each page associated with it as well as the purpose and audience of the website as a whole.

That's the concept in a nutshell. Specifically, each page of your website will be revised such that each page offers an effective Title and Meta tag information. Each page will contain a statement of its purpose in a header tag (H1,H2...), it will be properly implemented into the rest of your website (navigation) and it will contain well-formed HTML code so that search engine spiders see that you offer a professional website worthy of their traffic. The worthiness of your website is, of course, also determined by the informative content you offer for your visitors.

By implementing keyword rich content into keyword optimized pages woven completely into the fabric of your website, SpiderGourmet optimizes websites to earn primary placement in the search engines that deliver interested searchers to businesses like yours!

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